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There are a number of terms that have additional meaning at Covenant Eyes, which are used in the course of this documentation and may not be as familiar to those who are not using or working for Covenant Eyes.


Account Administrator: The person who can add and remove users from an account, handle financial details and cancel the account.

Billing Controller: A person who is able to deal with the financial aspects of a Covenant Eyes account.

Filter Guardian: A person is able to adjust Filter settings for themselves and/or a Filter user.

Partner: A person who receives Accountability Reports for an Accountability user.

Restricted User: A user who cannot generate an uninstall code.

User: A person who has a Covenant Eyes username with Accountability and/or Filtering service on it.

General Terms

Accountability: A Covenant Eyes service that tracks and rates online activity, which is then sent to a partner/partners of their choosing.

Allow/Block Lists: These lists allow Filter Guardians to give and block access to specific sites regardless of their rating. Sites can also be added to the Allow List through the Filter Block Page.

Detailed Browsing Logs: An account of every url accessed by a computer monitored by Covenant Eyes Accountability.

Filtering: Filtering is a service that Covenant Eyes offers for Windows users which filters internet sites based on their rating and the Filter user’s Filter Sensitivity Level.

Filter Block Page: The page that comes up for a Filter user when the Filter is blocking a site from them.

Filter Override: Users who have Filter OverrideĀ privilegesĀ can choose to a see a blocked page without requiring their Filter Guardian’s permission.

Filter Sensitivity Level: There are 6 levels that Filter Guardians can choose from while setting filter settings. The filter will allow up to that level and block any levels above it. Available options are ‘Restricted’ (Allow List Only), ‘Everyone,’ ‘Youth,’ ‘Teen,’ ‘Mature Teen,’ ‘Mature’ and ‘Highly Mature’.

Panic: Panic is a feature that allows a user to block the internet entirely from their computer. Users can only reset this by calling Covenant Eyes Customer Service.

Protocols: Formats of digital messaging that we block or allow with our Filtering service – FTP, IRC, NNTP, P2P.

Reports: A summary of an Accountability user’s online activity filtered by the Report Sensitivity Level as chosen by the Accountability Partner receiving the report.

Report Sensitivity Level: A part of the Covenant Eyes rating and reporting system, Partners can choose to adjust what they view based on a particular rating. The report will include ratings at the chosen level and above. Choices include ‘Teen,’ ‘Mature Teen,’ ‘Mature’ and ‘Highly Mature’. This also impacts the Quicklook score given to the report as a whole.

Quicklook Score: A quick reference look at an Accountability user’s activity as a whole. Options include ‘Looks Good,’ ‘Review Suggested’ and ‘Review Highly Recommend’.

Uninstall Code: A code used to remove Covenant Eyes from a user’s computer or device. These can be generated by non-restricted users through the Member Center or by calling Customer Service.

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