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Client Keys vs. User Keys


Client keys are the keys that you receive from Covenant Eyes. These can be received by emailing and will only work with the ‘keys’ api.

User keys are keys that you can generate for specific usernames by using the ‘keys’ api. These are then used with the rest of the apis.

Getting User Keys

User keys can be generated using the ‘keys’ api. You must have valid client keys, the username you want keys for and the password for that username.

This is the call for getting user keys:

GET /v2/user/(?P[^/]+)/keys.(?P<document_type>xml|json)

As a Python object template, the payload structure would look like this:

{'password': ('Required', '<any_value>')}

Here is an example of what that call might look like if made in a browser:


Keys will be returned you you in this structure.

{'result': {'meta': {'executionTime': ('Optional', ''),
'message': ('Optional', '<Error message if any>'),
'status': '<Success|Failure> OR <a descriptive identifier of an error>'},
'records': {'basicAuthentication': {'key': '<any_value>',
'secret': '<any_value>'}}}}

To view autodocs for this api visit

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