Covenant Eyes Developer Portal

Add URL Lists

This API overwrites a user’s Allow and Block lists. Any currently listed URL not included in the payload will be removed from the user’s Allow and Block lists. Protocols are required for entry of a url.

Note: This will override any urls currently listed on the user’s Block and Allow Lists.




One of the following must be true:

  • The logged in user is the filter guardian of the given username.
  • The given username belongs to the logged in user.


PUT /v2/user/(?P[^/]+)/filter/settings/urls.(?Pxml|json)

Allowed Actions

  • Allow: Add to Allow List
  • Block: Add to Block List

Note: A url cannot exist simultaneously on both the Allow and Block list of a user.

Payload Structure

{'records': [{'action': ('Required', '<Allow|Block>'),
'url': ('Required', '<protocol://server/path?vars>')}]}

Sample JSON

{"records": [
{"url": "", "action": "Block"},
{"url": "", "action": "Block"}

Sample Response Structure

{'result': {'meta': {'executionTime': ('Optional', '<hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu>'),
'message': ('Optional', '<Error message if any>'),
'number_added_records': '<any_number>',
'number_deleted_records': '<any_number>',
'status': '<Success|Failure> OR <a descriptive identifier of an error>'},
'records': []}}